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Speakers, details, early-bird registration, and more are all now live for the 2023 Brand New Conference in Chicago, IL, on September 21 – 22.

A few things:

  • Early-bird pricing will be different this year. Instead of being date-based it will be quantity-based and limited to 250. A counter in key pages will specify how many are left.
  • Between speakers, sponsor-reserved tickets, and pre-sale registrants there are already 375+ seats taken and we will be limiting ticket sales to 1,250. We are a bit ahead with pre-sales from previous years when we’ve sold out so we encourage you to not leave your purchase until the last minute because we are cautiously, optimistically, expecting to sell out given the response so far.
  • An explanation of this year’s pizza-box-inspired identity can be found here.
  • A special shout out again to GEO who did the hero animation (shown on the conference’s home page).

Hope to see many of you there.

Many thanks to a wonderful set of sponsors: School of Visual Arts – MPS in Branding, Classic Color, Domtar, Monotype, Brandpad, Mailchimp, Sappi, Production Type, XYZ Type, and Seaborne.


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