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A Bright New Day for Dia

Reviewed Mar. 13, 2009 by Armin

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Dia Logo, Before and After

Short for Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentacion (roughly International Provision Distributor), Dia is a Carrefour-owned, hard-discount grocery store — meaning, from what I understand, that they can reduce costs wildly by minimizing operations and simplifying their stores — with a vast presence in Spain with more than 2,900 stores and can also be found around the world in Greece, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, and China. Last year, Interbrand redesigned a new identity for Dia, replacing the generic but oh-so-European-looking Avant Garde with a custom lettering wordmark, and in recent months stores have been upgraded to the new look and store design. I really like the new logo, the letterforms are very well integrated and resolved, the “a” is downright great and I will even let go of the missing tittle (thanks for the term Mike), because in this case it does reflect positively on the overall shape. You can see some images of the stores at Dia’s corporate web site.

Thanks to Romeo Calonghi for the tip.



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