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A is for A Lot of Dots

Reviewed Jul. 9, 2009 by Armin

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AWARDS Logo, Before and After

The statement from Richard Maddocks, Chairman of the Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association, AWARD for short, states in part: Let’s be clear. AWARD is not a committee, a board or an institution. AWARD is a community. […] AWARD is as strong, dynamic and powerful as the people who participate in it. AWARD evolves as the community that forms it evolves. Based on the latter two principles, Interbrand Australia created a new, living identity that reflects the evolving and dynamic nature of the organization.


The logo is comprised of numerous dots, each dot representing a member of the organization. The logo taps into the AWARD membership database to recreate itself whenever needed, be it online in the web site designed by Deepend or for print purposes. Interbrand Australia’s Creative Director, Chris Maclean, further explains:

Controlled by a complex algorithm, the dots converge, diverge, bounce and swarm — behaviour that you would expect of a creative organism. Together, the dots form the shape of an ever-morphing “A” for AWARD.

The dots come in three different sizes to represent membership levels. The smallest dots represent the students of AWARD School; the largest dots represent members who have received accolades from AWARD; and, the medium sized dots represent all other members. An individual career can therefore be tracked all the way from a student to an awarded professional.

As time goes by, the logo will evolve with the population of the membership and as each member’s career progress.
In the printed world, the logo retains its dynamic nature, appearing in a different configuration on every application. This is made possible by an online logo-generator. A unique logo is automatically and instantaneously downloaded every time new artwork goes to print.

AWARDS Logo, Lockups

I am getting addicted to these living identities — like last month’s Namics — and I wonder if there will be a day, much like the day when a cell phone without a GPS map is obsolete, that a logo that doesn’t live in real time will be obsolete. But you don’t come here for my futuristic predictions, so let’s get to the design. Static, it’s hard to discern that the “A” is made of dots and not just of rounded debris, which is not entirely bad, but I wonder if allowing a few of the dots to stray on their own would help make it clear that these are a bunch of dots, not just a distressed “A.” However, online, the logo is amazingly convincing and engaging, bringing the concept to life, and I guess that will always be the challenge of bridging the ease of portraying real time online with the hardship of translating it to print, but it’s nice to see that AWARD is taking advantage of digital printing to move this living identity concept forward.

Without sounding like a lame criticism of the organization, it’s kind of advantageous that AWARD does not have thousands of members, because they would probably end up with an unrecognizable blob. In the end, this is a great identity for a creative organization and it’s nice to see a client that allows the boundaries of identity to be pushed a little.



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