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A Leaf Grows in New Jersey

Reviewed Jul. 14, 2008 by Armin

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Quick Chek Logo, Before and After

One conglomerate tier (or two, or fifteen) below Walmart is another recent client of New York-based Lippincott, Quick Chek, a chain of more than 100 convenience stores located in and around the state of New Jersey founded in 1966. Last month Quick Chek unveiled a new identity, and private-label developed product packaging developed by Lippincott that help emphasize the store’s commitment to fresh food, including their brewed-every-twenty-minutes coffee. The old logo felt like a bland and blunt New Jersey convenience store that looked more like a companion to a gas station, while the new logo and identity definitely improve the store’s appearance and its products, with a look more aligned with a sandwich or fresh produce shop. I really like the new icon, and how it has a little depth by using two colors to form the letter Q. The typography is forgettable, nothing to worry about but nothing to praise either, maybe a geometric sans would have added some interest. Overall, this is a great visual upgrade for a modest chain of stores that will likely benefit from the added differentiation that its design will provide it, specially against the innumerable amount of convenience stores peppered through the state. A few more images below.

Quick Chek Logo, Detail

Quick Chek Coffee

Quick Chek Private Label Milk Packaging



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