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A Mean Pegasus

Reviewed Aug. 19, 2011 by Brand New

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Korinthos FC Logo, Before and After

Korinthos FC’s history began in the 1950s with the merger of two Greek teams of Corinth: Olympiakos Korinthos and A.E. Korinthos. Since then the team has powered through two more mergers combining the power of Aris Korinthos in 1964 and more recently joining forces with Pankorinthiakos in 2000. Since 2000, Korinthos FC has been competing in Greece’s semi-professional league Delta Ethniki, until 2010 when it was promoted to Gamma Ethniki (Football League 2), Greece’s third highest professional football league. With such fast growth and communal fans the football club was in need of a visual breath of fresh air that Portland, OR-based EIGHTDAY provided.

“This was such an exciting brand story to work on,” said Kyle Wiley, EIGHTDAY owner/Creative Director. “What’s more thrilling than rebranding a professional sports team in a gorgeous country with years of history and passionate fans?”
— Press Release

Korinthos FC

Though a bit cliché and typical of any type of football club’s mark, the crest is a nice modern take on its awkward, clip-art-ey predecessor. The integration of the Pegasus and column is nicely balanced and proportional. The fierce, bold, flat color shapes are a quick and recognizable read that any young fan or player would proudly wear on his or her chest. Though nothing out of this world, this is a perfect example of a club moving in the right direction—out of the stone age and into the new world. Granted, Gotham would have possibly been my personal last solution for their typographic treatment, but it will easily resonate with millenniums and young fans across Greece.

Korinthos FC

Korinthos FC

“The new team brand and team kits are like nothing we’ve ever seen before and it’s been exciting unveiling them to the world,” said Korinthos FC’s new owner, Panos Bethanis.
— Press Release

I am not too sure I would quote Mr. Bethanis about the branding of his team—as we can see similarities from Montreal’s Impact recent redesign and numerous others—however, I would say that he is correct about the execution of the Korinthos FC’s kits (uniforms). EIGHTDAY and Korinthos have are letting the people of Greece select the uniforms that will represent their team. Korinthos FC has become a true “team of the people” and I am sure has gained stronger support of their followers. It is a great way of creating brand affiliations with fans in Greece — especially with a team that has merged with many other clubs in its short history. This all said, it does not mean that Trajan (I get it, they are in Greece) and Gotham are the perfect choices, but the idea is completely on point with what every sports team should be, a team of the people, and in my book that undermines any type issues.

Overall, the logo is a solid update from the past but the brand positioning (with the kits) is a fantastic look into the future of branding sports.

John J. Custer is an obsessive petrolhead, fierce Tetris duelist, and born ‘n’ raised Texan fighting the good fight in New York City. He has worked for studios such as Nike Brand Design, Pentagram, and Wieden+Kennedy and covered a range of clients including ABC, American Express, Delta, Heineken, Jordan, and Victoria’s Secret.



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