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A New Pair of Sox for the Red Sox

Reviewed Dec. 19, 2008 by Armin

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Boston Red Sox Logo, Before and After

I vividly remember the day I stopped watching baseball: It was the day I never started watching it. In part this makes me completely inappropriate to judge anything related to a team with one of the most ardent set of fans, but just as well, this objective detachment from the history of the Boston Red Sox or any nostalgia towards their iconography may be the best suited to pass graphic judgement. This week, the Red Sox unveiled new primary and alternate home and road uniforms plus a new(ish) logo. (Plenty more images and news if you search online for “New Red Sox Logo.”)

Replacing the old seal as the team’s official logo is the lone pair of red, hanging sox. Unless I’m wrong, there is no typography associated with it. None. No “Boston.” No “Red Sox.” If that’s the case, this is one of the best cases of visual identity and brand equity becoming so strong the icon doesn’t need explanation. They are sox. They are red. They can not be anything other than the Boston Red Sox. That’s pretty cool. Having said that, I don’t understand why the socks have to be so dopey. Sure, they are cleaned up from the original version, but I’ve never seen socks so pointed.

Now, the old logo has been cleaned up and has become the secondary logo. You will notice from the graphic below that the “Boston” lettering has been changed from a slab serif to the nostalgic tuscan lettering that defines the Red Sox. From the “Red Sox” word, we can see that the letterforms have been redrawn, gone is that wobbly R. But, again, why so dopey? The new lettering still looks as if it came from a late nineteenth century broadside. This is a twenty-first century team. The tuscan style could have easily been maintained with a more progressive update. The stitches (is that what you even call them?) of the baseball have also been changed, and I think those do look better.

Boston Red Sox Logo, Assets

As far as hats go, the lone hanging sox logo becomes the secondary option while the single B becomes the primary hat. Sounds good, but again, streamline and modernize that B, please. Overall, I think this is an interesting evolution that builds on the tradition of the team even if it pulls too heavily on those old-timer strings. The Red Sox Insider Blog has some pictures of the new uniforms.

Thanks to all that sent in the tip.



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