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A Soccer Logo Breaks Free

Reviewed Feb. 2, 2009 by Armin

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AFC Logo, Before and After

Hosted by the Asian Football Confederation, Asia’s governing body of soccer, the annual AFC Champions League features the best clubs from each country competing for Asian soccer supremacy. This past December they unveiled a new identity aimed towards the new and growing generation of soccer enthusiasts.

AFC Logo Evolution

Showing the transition from old to new logo.

I am not at all familiar with Asian soccer so I am not exactly clear what the old logo meant, other than it was also the design of the trophy and that it is somewhat not pleasing to the eye. The new logo, for some reason, repels and attracts me at the same time. I hate the way the three-dimensionalization is done, I hate the Rotis Semi Serif typeface, and I can’t stand that the “AFC” text is not centered with the other two lines. But, only my psyche would know why, I find it oddly appealing and liberating. Perhaps it’s because of the logo evolution image above that the static trophy figure broke out of its shell and went running to kick the ball… who knows. The image below also shows some nice rationalization. At the end of the day, though, the logo is pretty garish. There is a PDF with the identity guidelines if you are interested.

AFC Logo Elements

The components of the new logo.

AFC Colors

AFC Colors

Color options for the logo.

Thanks to Design Tagebuch, where I spotted this logo.



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