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Reviewed Mar. 5, 2008 by Christian Palino

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Rossignol Logo, Before and After

The once-textile-manufacturer turned-ski-manufacturer Rossignol — which was purchased by Quicksilver in 2005 and looks like it’s now being sold — has now evolved from a snowsport brand to become a “Mountain Lifestyle Brand.” This shift is reinforced by their current rebranding, replacing a forgettable, gradient-enabled and beveled “R” with a return to their original and energetic script “R.” The new one-color solution is graphically much stronger and contrasts well with the revised DIN-inspired typography. From their release:

Embracing the power and familiarity of the classic “R” (born in 1965), the new logo presents a strong, simple message: “This is made by Rossignol.” We want to emphasize that Rossignol’s products are made by people committed to perfection, and who have a deep understanding of the mountain lifestyle and environment. The “R” represents a unification of purpose, of direction and of reason.

The only lasting Rossignol logo I can remember involved a french colored rooster (unofficial logo below), which shows where the new “R” came from. I have no recollection of even seeing this previous drab “R” Rossignol logo in the marketplace — likely due to its generic, sports-logo-in-five-minutes approach. This was a much needed redesign, and while not perfect, cleans up its act and tips its hat to its own skiing heritage. You can read more about the shift in their press release.

Rossignol Rooster



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