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Beautiful Ball Terminals

Reviewed Sep. 14, 2011 by John J Custer

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House Beautiful Logo, Before and After

Reaching seven million readers every month, House Beautiful is known as the publication of American home design and decoration. Since being founded in 1896, House Beautiful remains the oldest continuously published shelter magazine in the United States. In 1936, House Beautiful was purchased by Hearst Corporation, who continues to publish the magazine. In September, the magazine rolled out a new editorial design and an updated wordmark crafted by Jeremy Mickel.

Updated Logo: This September, House Beautiful reveals an updated logo featuring rounder, softer letters that reflect a slightly more feminine, youthful spirit that is easier to read.
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House Beautiful Logo, Before and After

The new wordmark does feature everything that was requested in the brief given: youthful and soft. The addition of the curved and ball terminals add a nice flare, bounce, and life to the mark compared to the previous cold and strict design. However, they do get overplayed a bit, particularly in the unfortunately distracting “s” of “House.” The lack of the presence of terminals in other parts of “House” make the “s” feel a bit forced and disconnected from the wordmark.

House Beautiful Logo, Before and After

As for the second portion of the wordmark, “Beautiful” works pretty beautifully — if you will. The use of the terminals in moderation feels very comfortable and natural. Nothing overbearing or forced is the key. The latter end of “Beautiful” could be kerned more in comparison to the former, but I digress. On the plus side, the overall letter spacing of the wordmark does allow for greater readability compared to its predecessor. This lends itself to a decent updated wordmark that follows instructions, but doesn’t move mountains.

Thanks to Austin Handler for the tip.



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