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Better Logo = Happier Cows

Reviewed Mar. 24, 2009 by Armin

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Valio Logo, Before and After

Originally established as a butter producer in 1905, Valio has grown to produce numerous dairy products in its more than hundred-year-old history and in February it introduced a new identity that will begin to roll out across their product line this month and into 2011. Hopefully our Finnish readers can contribute any thoughts about the presence of this brand in Finland.

The new identity communicates the Valio brand promise: Valio promotes a balanced life by creating good feelings, happiness and enjoyable sensations. The blue and white colour and the shape of the leaf communicate Finnishness, untarnished nature and Valio’s roots in the countryside. Softer than the present version, the new logo and logotype conveys good feelings and enjoyment. The shape is also reminiscent of Valio’s older logo which represents a milk separator lid.
Press Release

Valio Logo, Detail

Valio Logo, 1-color

I love the bluntness of the press release, how the logo “communicates Finnishness.” Wording aside, I really like this new logo. I don’t care at all for the needlessly Photoshoped logo they are using as their main identifier, but the actual forms once you strip that away are very pleasing and, for lack of a better term, extra milky. It’s nice to see an asymmetric shape and custom lettering come together so nicely.

Valio Packaging, Old

Old packaging samples.

Valio Packaging, New

New packaging samples. Click on image for bigger view.

The packaging and the adorning cow have also seen a pretty nice redesign. Overall, a very energetic and refreshed improvement.

Thanks to Aarni Koskela for the tip.



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