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Brand New Awards, Winners

Apr. 13, 2011 by Armin

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Brand New Awards, Winners

With a crazy two weeks of processing mailed and e-mailed submissions, taking credit cards over the phone, and answering questions by phone and e-mail, the judging for the 2010 Brand New Awards finally took place last Friday, here in Austin, TX. And after two full days of checking and double-checking the winners and preparing all the winning notifications, we can finally share the winners with everyone. A full list — sans any imagery — can be found at the Winners page on the Brand New Awards website. Following are some thoughts and facts on our inaugural BNAs.


There was a total of 293 entrants who submitted 547 entries. For some reason, about 15 entrants completed the submission process, paid, and their entries never showed up — we wish we could double-check that all entries are received and notify those that didn’t, but it is logistically impossible at this point. Of the entries, as one might have expected, more than half were for the Logo category and, much to our delight, there were a lot of Comprehensive Identity Programs which were the most fun to see and judge. Here is the official breakdown:

Pro / Student

454 Professional Entries (82%) / 93 Student Entries (18%)

Logo / Logo/Identity Animation / Basic Identity Application / Comprehensive Identity Program / Guidelines

288 Logos (52%) / 35 Logo/Identity Animations (6%) / 91 Basic Identity Applications (17%) / 108 Comprehensive Identity Programs (20%) / 25 Guideline Documents (5%)

Submission Process

We would love to hear from those that entered how they felt about the submission process from start to finish. We can only improve the system being our first time out. But on the receiving end we were very happy with the process. Most people followed the rules, while a small percentage completely ignored basic requests like including the entry sheets — because we are super nice, we printed any missing sheets and attached them ourselves.

The option to submit electronically through FedEx Office proved to be quite popular, especially in the last few days before the deadline. Next year we will integrate this a little bit better from the start.


You can see some pictures of the judging on this Flickr set — and, yes, those are the entries sorted out in diaper boxes, they are the perfect size. Our judges were up and early to get a 9:00 am start. Judges were each assigned a color bead. In the first round, each entry was laid out on a table with a white cup and a red cup. White means “in”, red means “out”. Judges placed a bead in the cup of their choice. Those entries with 0, 1, and 2 beads in “yes” were out. Those with 3, 4, or 5 beads advanced to the second round. This process took all morning and one more hour after lunch. Around 3:30 we were ready for the second round which is where things get interesting and decisions are made on what is in and out and the judges get to convince or un-convince the other judges about why an entry should be in or out.


In the second round, we let our judges know that all winners will be assigned a rank: 5, 4, or 3. 5 being unanimous agreement that the entry is a winner. 4 being that one or two judges were not completely on board. 3 being that two or three judges were not completely on board. This helped the decision process tremendously. In the book and iPad publication you will be able to see these rankings. There were 101 winners, 18% of the submissions. Here is a breakdown of who and what won.

Pro / Student

75 Professional Entries (75%) / 26 Student Entries (26%)

Logo / Logo/Identity Animation / Basic Identity Application / Comprehensive Identity Program / Guidelines

42 Logos (42%) / 13 Logo/Identity Animations (12%) / 12 Basic Identity Applications (12%) / 28 Comprehensive Identity Programs (28%) / 6 Guideline Documents (6%)

Notable Winners and Special Awards

Once all the winners were decided it was time to move on to selecting the Best of Category for each category, each judge’s picks, and the Best of Show. This process was surprisingly easy, there was unanimous agreement on all of these and little dissent. Wolff Olins’ work for Mathaf had the most praise from the judges and it walked away with the Best of Show and $3,000 that we will donate in their name to a charity of their choice, sponsored by Neenah Paper.

The other two Special Awards — for Design Effectiveness and Client Leadership — went unclaimed. Of the winning entries not a single one nominated their project for either award. Kind of sad. Even more so after so many people asked for more of these kind of considerations from an awards model. We tried. And we will try again next year, but it takes two to tango, ’kay?

Since there were no Special Awards aside from Best of Show, we were left with $6,000 pledged by MailChimp and Pattison Sign Group. We decided to split it four ways, among the Best of Category winners, excluding Mathaf, since it had already won the big prize. So thelab for Comedy Central in the Logo category, Manual for Slice in the Basic Identity Application, and Feel Good Anyway for IFC in the Logo/Identity Animation and Guideline Document category are each getting $1,500 that we will donate in their name to a charity of their choice. Feel Good Anyway gets a total of $3,000. The important thing here is that a few charities win, Special Awards given out or not.

UnderConsideration’s Salvage

As moderators of the judging process we noticed how easy it is for a few, strong entries to get lost in the shuffle of hundreds of other entries. So, as an addition to all the selections by our judges, UnderConsideration has selected a few more entries that we (Bryony and Armin) personally felt deserved an honorable mention in this year’s Awards, meant not to undermine our judges’ choices but to complement them. Over the years we have heard rumors of awards organizers slipping in work they want included, so we just wanted it to be perfectly open about it.

In Closing

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the process so far. The selected work is truly amazing and indeed represents some of the best work done in 2010. We are already in development of the iPad publication and the design process will begin shortly on the book. Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all that entered and made this a very tough competition.



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