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Branding Veggies

Reviewed Mar. 25, 2009 by Armin

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Veggie Tales Logo, Before and After

Here is something to change the mood a little bit, because it isn’t just corporate logos, or brands for all sorts of liquids that occupy most of our time and, in fact, branding for children’s products is probably one of the biggest, influential and most underrated specialties of identity design. If you don’t have any kids — or if you have kids, but find the notion of cartoons imparting moral tales and focusing on Christianity and Biblical themes to be too much — Veggie Tales is a 15-year-old cartoon featuring vegetables with eyes and mouths, that has exploded in TV ratings, DVD sales and box office ticket sales. I have yet to see these talking veggies, since our daughter is more preoccupied with dinosaurs and Caterpillar trucks, but their presence in the market is hard to miss.

Veggie Tales Logo, with Tag

So, here is their new logo and it’s hard not to see the improvements right away, specially with the poor old letterforms that were squished to death. The new, and I believe custom (or at least customized), wordmark is a great improvement with each character modified properly to make it funky and playful, and I really appreciate that the “e”s are all different, rather than just repeating them. The holding shape is fun and, with all the image-heavy applications they do, it will help it stand out.

Just like sports logos, where there are certain visual tropes, children’s logos have their own (swingy, swirly, boppy, etc.), so it’s important to judge against context.



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