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Brussels Sprouts Some New Logos

Reviewed Nov. 15, 2006 by David Weinberger

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Recently, Brussels Airport clarified their name to be, well, “Brussels Airport” and added a tagline. Also, SN Brussels Airline, who took control of Virgin Express last year, and also uses Brussels Airport as a hub has just announced that the new, single airline brand will be Brussels Airlines.

What I find interesting here is more than the shared namesake, but the imagery that they chose for their logos. I guess it is similar to Continental’s globe (which serves them well) but both of these entities chose generic airport metaphors which could easily be swapped with one another. The airline uses runway lights and the airport uses travel routes. The key here is that they were both smart enough to not stop there

Brussels Airlines does have added layers. The runway lights make a “b” and that’s fine except that the day when a logo meant making something out of the first letter of the company name came and went years (maybe decades) ago. What I do like is that the “b” seems to have been designed with the tail in mind. A “b” in perpective italics which can perhaps change angles depending on the size of the jet and shape of the tail is smart. The website is also well done.


Brussels Airport is well-done technically, and I do like the tagline which, when coupled with a route map showing them as a major destination, is smart. The website is horrible, but who goes to an airport’s website anyway. I’m curious how the real estate will be treated. Anyone live in Belgium?

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