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Colorful Insurance

Reviewed Jun. 30, 2011 by Armin

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FBTO Logo, Before and After

Established in 1956 FBTO is one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands with more than half a million policy holders. A popular benefit of FBTO is the ability to go straight online and define your insurance policy on the spot — a process that accounts for 60% of FBTO’s business — meaning there is no third party contracting or haggling with insurance salespeople. This month FBTO introduced a new identity designed by Amsterdam-based VBAT and a new online and offline campaign created by agencies Qi and ONLY.



Unveiling at FBTO headquarters.

For our Dutch readers or patient Google Translators, here are press release pages for the campaign and the logo.

TV commercial. Stick until the end to see the logo animation.

The new logo, as explained on VBAT’s news page is “built around the iconic ‘O’. Representing freedom, individual choice and a positive lifestyle.” Whereas the old logo seemed to have been “built around the iconic buttons of elevators. Representing up and down.” No one really said that last thing, I’m just quoting my smart-assed self. But I digress. The old logo looked straight out of a 1970s logo playbook: sans serif, blue, meaninglessly abstract. The new one takes a lot of cues from the 2000s logo playbook: sans serif, rounded corners, blue, gradient of some kind. Fitting in a way, I guess. The wordmark is mostly benign with a few annoyances like less rounded corners on the bottom and more rounded on the top — you either go for it or you don’t. The “O” is a nice, watercolor-y rainbow that kind of sort of speaks to this idea of a whole wide world and getting out there and enjoying it without worrying about insurance. But not really. It just looks decently pretty. The thing I like the most about all this is the animation of the logo at the end of the commercial, it’s the first thing in the whole identity and campaign that gives you this feeling of unraveling and freeing yourself from all the hard layers of life and just enjoying it. Well, not really. It just looks very pretty.

Thanks to M. Heijmerink for the tip.



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