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Comcast gets Nip/Tuck

Reviewed Nov. 21, 2007 by Armin

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Comcast Logo, Before and After

Here is a fun one for the beginning of the holiday season. Sent in by a brand tipster — have I told you all already how much I love the tips? If not, well, let me be thankful for that this Thanksgiving — this is an almost impercebtible before/after of the Comcast logo. It is not uncommon to have logos redrawn for performance and legibility issues, but I am not convinced Comcast needed this treatment. Sure, the old “t” was ghastly, but still understandable, and I think I may like the old “s” better, although it looks like a transplant from Helvetica into Avenir, approximately typeguessing, as all the characters (old and new) feel customized.

Comcast Details

Above you can see an overlay of the old and new, with the old logo at 100% opacity and the new one at 50%, where you can tell where some of the detailing went. This exercise reminded me a little bit of Matthew Carter’s redrawing of the MoMA logo four years ago… Except, well, this one wasn’t done by Matthew Carter.

New York Times Article on MoMA

You can see a bigger view of the article here, and read the story (and discussion!) here.



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