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CSC Projects Itself

Reviewed Jan. 19, 2009 by Armin

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CSC Logo, Before and After

Preemptively, I will say that this redesign relatively old, maybe as early as September of 2008 and I have been sitting on these files since at least July, but the change wasn’t public yet so I just filed them. Recently I was driving through somewhere and saw a building for CSC (Computer Science Corporation) and remembered these materials, so here they are. CSC is one of the world’s largest enablers of outsourcing and staffing for IT needs, as well as providing consulting and systems integration on such matters. Founded in 1949, CSC has not had a large public persona and it’s only been in this last year that it has launched an international advertising campaign. Along with the new identity, this is part of CSC’s Project Accelerate (yeah, awesome code name!) of intended growth. The rebranding was done by Interbrand, and while there is plenty of mumbo-jumbo-eye-rolling-reasoning to accompany the identity design, I think in this case the work speaks for itself.

CSC Logo, Angles The logo is contained within a holding shape, where the chopped corners and the angle of the Cs match.

CSC with Projection Box Those same angles are used to create the secondary identity element, “the projection box,” which stems from the logo and can shoot into different directions, sizes and shapes.

CSC Wallpaper A colorful wallpaper.

CSC Sample Annual Report Sample annual report.

CSC Sample Brochure Covers

CSC Sample Brochure Covers Sample brochure covers.

CSC Sample Brochure Covers Sample print advertisements.

Brand video.

For large, ambiguous corporations like CSC, a wordmark is typically the most sound and risk-free solution, so this result is the perfect solution, specially with the added bonus of the visual language that is developed around the angles of the letters and the holding shape. This is a really great, solid identity that allows for flexibility and doesn’t feel very repetitive. A simple, comprehensive brand standards site is available for perusal here.



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