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Econo Logo

Reviewed Aug. 6, 2008 by Armin

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Econolodge Logo, Before and After

I was first tipped to this rebranding back in March of this year — thanks Clifton Alexander— but I didn’t make much of it. Having never stayed in an Econo Lodge hotel and, from looking at a few photos, being convinced that I would not want to do so in the future for fear of being maimed by a freak with a mask coming out of the hallway as I put a dollar bill in a vending machine, I decided to not follow up on it. But as promised in the press release, “this summer, travelers can anticipate to begin to see the updated logo on exterior signage on new Econo Lodge hotels,” more people have sent in e-mails about it, so I’m finally putting it up. Another reason of why I may not have been eager to post it is because there is probably not much to say: Mediocre-but-satisfactory hotel chain has a mediocre-but-quirky wordmark replaced for a mediocre-period shiny swoosh that shimmers — oh, and it has a clever TV ad involving a princess, a frog and a logo. I have to admit though, the swooshy “e” could have gone somewhere in the right hands, but definitely can not say the same for the condensed typeface that looks like the bastard child of Rotis Sans and Optima.



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