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First Round Case Studies Volume 2

It took far much longer than we wanted — two years, instead of our desired 6 months — but we are excited to bring you four more First Round Case Studies!

As a reminder of what these are…

High-res PDFs

While nothing beats the live presentations of our in-person events* we have devised a PDF format that brings you every slide of the first round presentation with annotations from the designers, pro tips from us, and insightful Q&As that set up the context, goals, and approach for each project.

First Round Case Studies Volume 2
Sample pages from Manual’s case study of their first round presentation to PATH.
First Round Case Studies Volume 2
Detail of a case study page that weaves the original slides of the first round presentation with the narrative from the designer.
Volume 2 case studies

PATH by Manual
Silverback Concrete by Steel Brothers
Inkwell by Courtney Garvin
Lubeznik Center for the Arts by Firebelly

Access to each case study is $12 or you can get all four for $40.

The four original case studies are also still available and there is a bonus case study — our own first round for Cardinal Stage — that can be accessed for free so that you can get a preview of how each case study is formatted.

Subscriber discount

Check your email later today with discount codes for $2 from each case study or $5 off from the set of four.

Have a First Round case study of your own?

Do you have a similar first round case study you would like to share and made available to designers through UnderConsideration? We are looking to create a comprehensive library of first round case studies and would love to see what you have to offer. Send us an email! Revenue from sales of your presentation is shared with you so this could be a modest source of income.

* 2023 live events

Only two live events will be taking place in 2023: Denver on May 5 (pre-sale beginning soon-ish) and Toronto on October 6. (There will be no European First Rounds anymore, more on that in another post eventually.)


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