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FPO Awards, Deadline Extended and Prices Cut 50%

Jun. 1, 2011 by Armin

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This isn’t fun to admit or broadcast publicly — especially given the success of the Brand New Awards — but here goes: The FPO Awards have not met our expectations nor our estimates of how many people would enter. We have just received slightly over 100 entries and the original deadline is two days from now. While we believe in miracles we don’t see one coming our way and raining over 300 entries to cover what we had anticipated. We have our theories as to why we may find ourselves in this situation but that doesn’t solve the problem at hand so we are making one final move to see if we can salvage this project. All current fees will be cut 50%. Deadline to send materials is extended until next Wednesday, June 8. (Judging is on Friday the 10th, so we need a day to process everything).

I do realize this doesn’t concern most of our readers but FPO is Brand New’s little sibling and as the bigger site with the bigger audience it is its duty to act as the big sister, or big brother, or… Anyway, your support in making this a successful, if bumpy, inaugural FPO Awards is appreciated. More details here.



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