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Friday Likes 11

Friday Likes Jul. 13, 2012 by Armin

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Friday Likes

We have a pretty eclectic collection today with brands for history nerds, baby nerds, and nerd nerds.


Yesterday, a part of the UKTV network, is a television channel devoted to history that currently has a look that’s as exciting as the patches on the tweed jacket of a history teacher. A new identity and on-air package, designed by London-based DixonBaxi, brings some bad-assery to the channel through a monolithic “Y” that can be shot and lit on fire. Now that’s how you make history exciting. [here.


Goo Collection


Formerly known as Olive’s Tree, Goo Collection is a family-owned business in Australia selling boutique-y baby products like bibs, cushions, muslin wraps, and onesies. The new identity, designed by Melbourne-based Lucas Melbourne is as cute and baby/mommy-appropriate as it gets without wanting to punch someone in the face. It’s not pink, it doesn’t have the face of a baby, it’s not cloying or cliché. It’s a lovely, textured logo that extends into a vibrant identity with a great color palette and playful elements. It helps that the products are adorable. [More]




BEM is a new front-end methodology for creating websites developed by Yandex, an internet company that operates Russia’s most popular search engine of the same name. BEM stands for “Block”, “Element”, and “Modifier,” the structural elements for how it works. The purpose and use of this identity, designed by Moscow-based Flëve, seems a little ambiguous for now but I love me a good pie-in-the-sky exploration and this delivers with superpower. As you first scroll through the project page, you get the usual stuff: decent logo, how it’s constructed, business card, and a bunch of swag applications that probably will never happen. But, halfway through, the designers throw in the “b” logo as a holding shape for superheroes and all of a sudden the identity not only becomes more lively and fun but it gives coding nerds a way to identify with this new methodology. I could have done without a lot of the other textural stuff in there but, judging from the photo above alone, the project is a visual win. [More]



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