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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2015 by Armin

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Get ready to have your taste glands salivating this Friday with wine, hard cider, and dim sum work from Seoul, Seattle, and Budapest.

Miin Brewery by ContentFormContext

Miin Brewery by ContentFormContext

Not much info on this one as there is no client link, but the immediate reaction to all these beautiful lines makes up for it. Designed by Seoul-based ContentFormContext the logo for this rice wine brewery in the South Korean city of Paju is inspired by old maps from the Joseon Dynasty and, if I understand correctly, the abstracted letterforms spell out Miin Brewery. Even if I don’t understand correctly I just love looking at this. More than the swoopy line-type, I am very much liking the small barrel-and-pagoda-like supporting mark. And as a whole, with the bottle choice, paper texture, and a bit of the wine color showing through, this is a very good-looking wine. See full project here.

Number 6 Ciders by Creature

No. 6 Cider by Creature

Based in Seattle, WA, Number 6 Ciders is a hard cider microbrewery with a very comprehensive and extensive set of logos and graphic representations designed by local firm Creature. And all of them are awesome. This is definitely a more is more kind of identity that includes everything from chiseled numbers to condensed industrial sans serifs to flared serifs to scripts to shields to aspirational messages. It’s all in there and more. A few other links that help illustrate the above-hipster coolness of this are the background image of their site and this about video. I would love to peek through their assets folder. (Come to think of it, that sounds like a great pick-up line after a few hard ciders). See full project.

Bao Bao by Eszter Laki

Bao Bao by Eszter Laki

If you live or ever find yourself in Budapest, Hungary, and are craving dim sum, Bao Bao is the place to go, if not for the dim sum at least for the interiors (by 81font architects) and identity by local designer Eszter Laki. The simple logo that repeats the word “Bao” (meaning Dumpling) is a decent one and we’ve seen logos applied as rubber stamps a hundred times but, here, with these particular materials, placement, and orientations, it looks freshly tasty — especially on the bamboo steamer basket. The soy sauce bottle looks great too, almost like a high-end balsamic vinegar. Overall, very simple centered typography throughout, great textures, and very appetizing photographs to present the work. See full project.

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