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Reviewed Aug. 7, 2015 by Armin

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From elaborate and hand-drawn to precise and computer-engineered, we’ve got you covered this week, with work from Buenos Aires, London, and Minneapolis.

Masticar 2015 by Yani & Guille

Masticar 2015 by Yani & Guille

Masticar is a food fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina, celebrated since 2012. For this year’s edition, local duo Yani & Guille created a completely hand-drawn identity that what it lacks in an individual logo to unify the program makes up for with a consistent visual tone that has been admirably done all by hand. (With the support of a hand-drawn typeface). The look of the materials evoke the signs of small restaurants and food vendors commonly seen across Latin America and the pictures from the fair itself are like an amped up “mercado” (market). Not your typical identity but definitely tasty. See full project

Nolla Nolla by Proxy

Hidraulik by Huaman Studio

Nolla Nolla designs bespoke furniture and interiors for retail, corporate, and residential clients across Finland. Its name means Zero Zero, a quirky trait that London-based Proxy zeroed in on — !!! — for the logo. While the “0” in Simplon Mono, the font choice for the logo and identity, already had a diagonal, Proxy flipped it so that it followed the same direction of the diagonal of the “N”. It’s such a simple and playful concept and the minimal execution matches the designs of Nolla Nolla, so most definitely a win-win. (I’m on fire today with the puns). See full project

Fair State Brewing Cooperative by Little

Fair State Brewing Cooperative by Little

Fair State Brewing Cooperative is the first beer co-op in Minnesota, opened in 2014. Since its focus is on building a strong member community, Minneapolis-based Little designed what they call the “infinity pint” symbol that “speaks to the unending connection between brewer and community”. You could also read it as bottomless pint of beer which is an awesome thought. The logo is bold and striking and while I usually like how logos work in single-color application, here the full-color version is stronger. One of the main reasons I chose this one for Friday Likes are the tap handles. I could pull on those all day.The growlers and cans are not bad either. To infinity, and beer-yond! See full project

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