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Reviewed Mar. 18, 2016 by Armin

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From simplicity, to eclecticity (not a word, I know), to playfulness… all in today’s selections with work from Yerevan, Paris, and New York.

MØS by Backbone Branding

MØS by Backbone Branding

MØS Gastronomic Smart & Casual is a restaurant in Moscow specializing in Scandinavian cuisine, following in the minimalist, natural steps of Nordic culture. The identity, designed by Yerevan, Armenia-based Backbone Branding, channels both of these traits through a set of minimal, abstract icons representing elements from nature like sun, water, fruit, tree, elk, fish, and birds. These can then be used in three ways: as a single large element, in a straight step-and-repeat pattern, or a freeform composition where the icons break away. In either configuration, the icons look beautiful in their black and white applications against all this good-looking food and containers. The minimal MØS logo in a thick and thin sans serif is a perfect accent point for all the patterns. Definitely click through the link to see the rest of the applications. See full project

Bombay Electric by Michael Thorsby

Bombay Electric by Michael Thorsby

Bombay Electric is a curated fashion and design store in the heart of Mumbai, bringing together products from around the country. Its new identity and packaging have been designed by Paris, France-based Michael Thorsby who put the electric in, well, Bombay Electric. Because the packaging looks so surreal (and almost unreal) I had to confirm with him that these were actually produced — I mean, what client approves and produces gorgeous stuff like this?! — and, indeed, they are. The gradients are achieved through Illustrator’s mesh tool and printed offset (or litho) in a pearlescent paper which make it even more electric. The assault of color from the packaging is tempered by a minimal, generously letterspaced sans serif with a vibrating “I” that “represents the restless curiosity that Bombay Electric stands for”. Shockingly good! See full project

Harvard xDesign by Pentagram

Harvard xDesign Conference by Pentagram

Harvard xDesign is an annual conference hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Harvard Business School, and Harvard College, revolving around the theme of, yes, design and this year’s conference identity by New York, NY-based Pentagram partner Natasha Jen is a total, utter failure. That’s a compliment, btw. The theme of this year’s event is failure and the the logo shows the word failing to stay straight and do as letters do. You could almost see the logo appear on You had one job! The logo or typographic hero image is used mostly as seven repeating lines of the word “FAILURE” (one line for each letter) and I like how that represents failing seven times and not being able to get it right in the first, second, or seventh try. The logo also works nicely as a single line (as seen on the pencil). Failing is fun! See full project

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