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Friday Likes 200




Reviewed Mar. 24, 2017 by Armin

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Another week of minimalist-ish projects with work from Hamburg, Moscow, and Stockholm. Also: 200 Friday Likes! TWO HUNDRED. That’s crazy.

Leni’s by Make Studio

Leni's by Make Studio

Eat Leni’s is a line of all-natural, vegetarian, muesli-based granola mixes, bars, and “bites” by a woman by the name of Leni Niki in Vienna, Austria. The identity by Hamburg, Germany-based Make Studio, exudes the friendliness of someone whose names are Leni and Niki, through a minimalist set of graphics that reduces the bars to rectangles, the bites to circles, and the granola to dots and quarter rings, all in a smile-inducing combination of colors. If you visit their Instagram page, you can see the apostrophe-smile icon that then becomes part of the wordmark, which, oddly enough, with the “i” looks like its shedding a tear. Still, the overall vibe of the packaging is so feel-good that I’m sure it’s a tear of joy. See full project

Hyperverse by Shuka Design

Hyperverse by Shuka Design

Hyperverse specializes in virtual reality, creating the hardware and software that transports users into their own world, a hyperverse if you will. Designed by Moscow-based Shuka Design, the logo is a playful take on the name and subject, showing a human falling into a black hole, which, in other contexts might be a sad concept but, here, we know they are being sucked into a black hole of awesomeness. It’s rare nowadays to see non-literal, illustration-based logos so this is a real pleasure; it’s like a logo from the good ol’ days of Michael Schwab. The wordmark is a funky, heavily extended custom design that channels Roger Excoffon, which is always a win for me, and looks like it belongs in a space-age shuttle. In the end, I wouldn’t mind falling in such a good-looking rabbit hole. See full project

IKEAtemporary by PJADAD

IKEAtemporary by PJADAD

IKEAtemporary was a pop-up shop in Milan back in 2015 that presented its Metod modular kitchen products arranged by a group of non-IKEA designers. The identity by Stockholm, Sweden-based PJADAD played off the idea of a temporary space by using a caution-stripe motif of diagonal lines in the very non-IKEA color of green, which is what I think attracted me to this project to begin with. I also think I might be one of the few designers that REALLY likes IKEA’s custom Verdana font and I love seeing it displayed in large sizes and printed on wood. The raw-ish, unfinished nature of the pop-up space is a nice complement to the tightly controlled presentation of regular IKEAs. See full project

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