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Reviewed May. 26, 2017 by Armin

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Unplanned, all three projects this week have an Asian influence by design or setting, with work from Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Montréal.

Holy Moly by Farmgroup

Holy Moly by Farmgroup

Holy Moly is a sweet and savory pie shop in Bangkok that has all the makings of a classy retailer, including a marble display box and copper finishes throughout, but things take a turn for the idiosyncratic with the identity by local firm Farmgroup that introduces some, literally and metaphorically, rough-around-the-edges illustrations. These take over everything, from the interior’s walls and aforementioned marble display case to the packaging, stickers, and every other application. Check out this video touring the mini shop and showing more of the applications. The result may not be your usual design cool but it has attitude and personality to spare. I almost forgot to mention that it solely uses Cooper Black, which, to me, is always a win. See full project

RPSA by brandcraft

SRPSA by brandcraft

RPSA is the work/life moniker of Romain Aubert, a self-starter, tech-world consultant living in Hong Kong but hailing from France — he has also sailed over 8,000 miles. This background is captured all in the logo by Hong Kong-based brandcraft: “The crest is designed to abstractly represent an olive tree and its roots and a ship’s hull and the waves of the ocean.” The icon is beautifully crafted and, indeed, can have multiple reads but, also, if you have no idea what it means it’s just damn pretty to look at. The logo is minimally applied to stationery in silver ink and foil and complemented with lovely serif typography, making it just a tad more subdued than Holy Moly above. See full project

Maneki by Studio Beau

Maneki by Studio Beau

Maneki is a Pan-Asian counter restaurant in Montréal, Quebec, serving a mix of dishes in a rather lively and colorful setting. The identity by local firm Studio Beau purposely takes Asian stereotypes and clichés to deliver an eclectic, vibrant, set of illustrations and in-your-face typography that may not be to everyone’s taste but is undeniably attention-grabbing. The logo itself is a super funky wordmark that challenges readability but ultimately makes for a highly distinctive logo… one that looks extra electric in neon. See full project

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