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Reviewed Aug. 18, 2017 by Armin

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Some eye-popping work this week, with projects from Beirut, Toronto, and Lublin.

Bar Du Port by Paperview design

Bar Du Port by Paperview design

Bar Du Port is a restaurant specializing in French fusion cuisine in the trendy Saifi port district in Beirut, Lebanon. The restaurant’s space, described by this post as being “a New York hip, post-industrial Meatpacking District style setting”, is supported by the identity designed by local firm Paperview design in — to borrow the description — a hip, post-industrial aesthetic. Maybe not exactly, but that was fun to write. What the identity does manage is to turn the grittiness and vintage-ness of an old-timey port into a high-end dining experience. The wordmark looks great with the flared serifs in a bold weight and the rust debris graphic looks extra convincing when foiled in copper, on top of a nice selection of colored stock. See full project

DesignThinkers 2017 by Rethink

DesignThinkers 2017 by Rethink

DesignThinkers is an annual design conference in Canada, organized by RGD. Like most conferences, it has had a changing identity each year and 2017’s was designed by Rethink around the theme of “perspectives” and features more eyeballs than any identity ever. Each “eye” houses a different pupil that ranges from the abstract to the literal to the funny to the confusing to the random but in unison they all form a strangely attractive identity. The blue and black color palette helps keep everything cohesive while the typography is trendy but stops right before being annoying. The commitment to the eyeball is pretty impressive and yields some great applications, like the spray-on pattern on the street. In the pun-altered words of Bart Simpson: Eye caramba! See full project

Stick & Wolf by Motyf Studio and Ollestudio

Stick & Wolf by Motyf Studio

Stick & Wolf is a jewelry design team of two women in Lublin, Poland, whose products are “handmade according to traditional goldsmithing techniques”. Their identity by local firm Motyf Studio and Kraków, Poland-based Ollestudio, features a lovely icon of a wolf and a stick. Why this works so well is beyond me but I’ve never wanted to pet a wolf with a stick as much as I do right now. The wordmark is also beautiful with perfect spacing that complements the density of the icon. And that ampersand on its own stick is a great detail. The marbled backgrounds aren’t the most original but they work well as always and pair effortlessly with the baby blue and pink color palette. I’m gonna go play fetch with my crazy dog now, see if he manages to look half as cute as this icon. See full project

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