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Reviewed Nov. 22, 2013 by Armin

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From simple to complex and from traditional to contemporary, we got it all this week with work from Italy, UK, and Ukraine.

De Martino by nju:comunicazione

De Martino by nju:comunicazione

Based on the image of Sant’Antuono — to whom employees of De Martino pray for each baking in their furnace to make their ceramics — Eboli, Italy-based nju:comunicazione created a contemporary heraldry-like symbol for the company. As a bonus, the logo contains the four elements of fire, earth, water, and air, all necessary for some good ceramic’ing. The saint’s abstraction into a line-art logo is my favorite part of the project. If you see it for the first time you might not jump out of your chair and scream “Yes, that’s Sant’Antuono!” but it does indicate a certain kind of reverence to a craft and a zen approach to it. The fire or water pattern is a bit overwhelming against the simplicity of the logo, but I’ll take it. See full project.

Nokia MixRadio by DesignStudio

SNokia MixRadio by DesignStudio

Available only to users of Nokia’s Lumia smartphone (that runs on Windows Phone) and previously known as Nokia Music, Nokia MixRadio is an ad-free, music streaming app that you most likely listen to using headphones. Headphones. Get it now? London-based DesignStudio turned a minimalist drawing of headphones upside down to create “Ike” the new face (literally) of Nokia MixRadio. At first glance it just looks like an awkward smiley face but once you get it, you get it, and it’s quite satisfactory. See full project.

Coffee House London by Reynolds and Reyner

Coffee House London by Reynolds and Reyner

While the logo for London Coffee House in Ukraine is not necessarily the most amazing or even original, even when it comes to crests, the identity designed around it by Kiev-based Reynolds and Reyner is flabbergastingly extensive and impressive. (If you are a regular reader you might recognize I don’t use the word “flabbergasting” regularly). The crest is barely the beginning of the identity as it transforms into a variety of interpretations from dotted to pixelated to more or less abstract and is then deployed on a number of tweedy backgrounds and colors and reproduced in a hearty variety of high-end production methods. In terms of style it may not be the most revelatory identity but in terms of breadth, consistency, and quality it’s quite a stir. See full project.

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