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Reviewed Jan. 17, 2014 by Armin

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Today we have a restaurant-themed set of Friday Likes that range from a food truck to an upscale tennis club restaurant to a quick-service restaurant with work from Atlanta, Barcelona, and Seattle.

People’s by Samira Rahimi at Iconologic

People's by Samira Rahimi

People’s is an Atlanta, GA-roaming food truck created by the non-profit organization City of Refuge whose mission is to “bring light, hope and transformation to Atlanta’s last, lost and least.” The food truck is not for profit as well and staffed by the organization’s culinary students. The identity, designed by local designer Samira Rahimi, at Iconologic, revolved around a wonderful and dense illustration with enough feel-good vibes to win over even the hatiest of haters. The texture of the illustration looks great when used as a background and the groups of icons sometimes pulled on their own and blown up also reveal a delightful watercolor texture. The logo itself is nothing too exciting but, in color and shape, helps offset the illustration. See full project.

Annie Hall by Marina Soto

Annie Hall by Marina Soto

Part of the Club de Tennis Figueres in the province of Girona, Annie Hall is a restaurant whose theme lacks no subtlety despite being one of the most subtle and non-confrontational identities I think we’ve ever shown on Friday Likes. But just in case: the themes are tennis and Woody Allen’s Annie Hall (and the meeting place of the titular character and director). From the latter, Barcelona-based Marina Soto used an impressively more handsome take on Allen’s favorite font, Windsor. I don’t know what font it is, but it is rather nice. And from the former, Marina translated the straightforward grids of the tennis court into the menus. Again, this is not a whiz-bang identity but its subtlety and sophistication are perfect for an upscale tennis club’s restaurant. See full project.

Kigo Kitchen by Creature

Kigo Kitchen by Creature

For the record: I swear that I am not trying to make Creature happen, nor am I in their payroll to promote them, nor is it a campaign to increase “appreciations” on Clara Mulligan’s Behance posts. It just happened that last Friday I stumbled on her Nails for America project, then this week we featured Creature’s own identity, and last night I stumbled upon this identity through a separate stream. When I saw that it was done by Creature I just thought, “Oh, jeez, not these people again.” Anyway… Kigo Kitchen is a Pan-Asian, quick-fire lunch and dinner restaurant with two locations, Boston and Seattle. All that I praised about Annie Hall above, this deserves the diametrically opposite kind of praise. The identity is loud, vibrant, frenetic, and non-stop with a lot of different visual elements in play from the hand-drawn logo to the curved typography to the banner-like holding devices to iconography and more. It all comes together with amazing energy and flavor. See full project.

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