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Reviewed Mar. 7, 2014 by Armin

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A varied selection of projects today on Friday Likes with work from Porto, Augsburg, and Monterrey.

Optimus D’Bandada by This is Pacifica

Optimus D'Bandada by This is Pacifica

D’Bandada is an annual event organized by Optimus, a telecom provider in Portugal, that features a multitude of free concerts and performances around the city of Porto during one, long, partying day. Last year’s identity for the event was designed by local firm This is Pacifica who created a quirky, exuberant, layered logo that aims to capture the loose and flexible feeling of the event without too much concern for being proper or cool. The event is festive and joyous and lasts a day, so why not have fun with the identity? The other nice touch throughout the project is the use of kraft paper and corrugated boards to construct signs and posters. An unconventional choice for Friday Likes but it’s good to explore the less roads less traveled sometimes. See full project.

ProSieben Maxx by Sebastian Onufszak

Launched last year in Germany, ProSieben Maxx is a free-to-air channel with a male target audience and programming that consists of action-ey movies and scripted drama series, many of them from the U.S.. While the identity was designed internally at ProSiebenSat1 Media AG, the on-air package was designed by Augsburg, Germany-based Sebastian Onufszak who went with an attractive, flat approach that relies on some nice bits of typography, basic geometric shapes, and a limited color palette to get that male testosterone pumping. See full project.

Anthem by Anagrama

Anthem by Anagrama

Although Anagrama has published enough new projects in the last month to fill all three spots of Friday Likes, the one that stood out for me was this identity for Anthem, a soccer star-player scouting company. The lion logo has a great imperfect and blunt look to it that works nicely in the realm of the awkward profiles and angles that animals are shown in in crests around the world. I also love the combination of black, gold, and fluorescent green. The identity manages to be both expected and unexpected in gratifying ways. See full project.

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