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Gimme an H!

Reviewed Dec. 12, 2006 by David Weinberger

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This is another example of a company embracing design for the first time. Well, they sure called in the big guns. The Hindustan Construction Company, or HCC, has recently launched a new logo designed by Landor’s UK office.

The wordmark is very simple. Just three letters with a notch cut out of the “H.” Cool, I like it. Maybe I don’t particularly like the letterforms but I love the restraint.

“To portray the ‘Obsession for details’ value that HCC prides itself on, the ‘H’ in the logo has been given a sharp cut at a 23-degree angle to signify the cuts and other work that are handled with precision at HCC.”

What I also like is the visual system or at least the start of what I have seen. The little triangle is used as a graphic device providing a small moment of color and angle on an otherwise monochromatic and structurally rigid design. Well done.



This does remind me a bit of HNTB, which also has a notch out of their H and is in a related industry. They also do a great job of using their notch within their visual system. I believe HNTB was designed by Siegel+Gale, but I’m not absolutely sure.





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