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Government of Saskatchewan

Noted Jan. 11, 2013 by Armin

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Government of Saskatchewan Logo, Before and After

About: “Saskatchewan became a province of Canada on September 1, 1905. Located between Alberta to the west and Manitoba to the east, its boundaries extend from the US border along the 49th parallel to the border with the Northwest Territories along the 60th parallel. Saskatchewan covers 6.5% of Canada, an area of 651,036 square kilometres. Of this, 591,670 square kilometres are land and 59,366 square kilometres are covered by water.” [Way more…].

Design by: Brace yourselves, “The newer logo was developed and tweaked by a number of agencies and organizations over the years, including Regina’s H.J. Linnen and the Phoenix Group, and government agency Enterprise Saskatchewan. The most recent adjustments were made by Saskatoon-based Kinetic design agency.”

Ed.’s Notes: This logo has sparked a controversy because (A) people seem to really really like the wheat sheaf icon; (B) it’s not just a new logo, but it’s a third logo that is used along with a seal and the wheat sheaf icon and there is a bunch of rules about which one is used where; and (C ) “The New Democrats are criticizing the provincial government’s new logo because it uses the Saskatchewan Party’s green-and-yellow colour scheme,” calling it sneaky and inappropriate. I’ll simplify things for all ya’ll Saskatchewans: the logo sucks, that’s why it’s controversial.

Relevant links: Design Edge story. CBC story. Huffington Post story.

Thanks to Aylwin Lo for first tip.



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