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In Brief: New Domino’s Pizza Logo?

Reviewed Aug. 6, 2012 by Armin

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Domino's Pizza, In Brief

I am posting this somewhat hesitantly because there is just one isolated — yet very legit — mention of it and it’s also why I am only treating it as an In Brief and not a full, official redesign post. This could be big, but it could also just be a local upgrade. The meat of the story is that overnight, the Facebook page of Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand updated its status to announce a new logo that is “going to be integrated across all our promotions and stores in coming months.” There is no detail there or anywhere else about whether this applies globally to the 9,000-plus Domino’ses. My one-sentence, pre-emptive review, pending further details: I like its chunkiness and simplicity, but I miss the packaged-ness of the old one, which sat nicely in a diamond. Link to Google Image Search of the current logo, in case you need a reminder.

Update: Press release issued by Domino’s NZ.

Thanks to Kyle Wadsworth for the tip.



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