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In Brief: So Very In Brief

Reviewed Apr. 2, 2009 by Armin

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Verizon April Fools

Thank you to all of our delightful April Fools’ fools and non-fools yesterday for making it a great branding prank day. From the comments it seems like it was a 1-in-5 fooling ratio, maybe. In case you are curious about what went on in this, here is a brief overview.

A couple of weeks ago I e-mailed Michael Johnson — who puts the johnson in johnson banks — to see if he would be interested in doing a joint April Fools. I had the idea that it should be a global brand or something very American. Bryony and I had, at some point, narrowed it down to MTV, the NBA and Verizon. I ran the idea of MTV and Verizon to Michael, skipping the NBA because it would have been maybe overly obvious, and we settled on Verizon. What’s funny is that Michael thought it was pronounced Ver-ee-zon instead of Ver-aye-zon, and that’s where the idea for Very first came up. Within an hour, Michael sent me the concept for “Very” in those bubbles along with most of the wording ideas. Two days later, most of what we posted online was ready. Some comments wondered about the amount of man power and time needed to pull this off: Not much.

I did some minor refinements and suggested introducing the tag line to bridge the Very idea with Verizon. Hence, “So Very… Verizon.” What I wasted the most time on was the silly Flash animation. I haven’t done any Flash in, at least, three years and I could barely find my way around the latest version. If someone looked at the FLA file they would mock me. The domain was, as some clever commenters noted, purchased at GoDaddy and hosted on our UCllc host. I also wrote the press release, which is way harder than I thought. For every fake name I put I always wanted to put Paul Rand’s original name, Peretz Rosenbaum, but I thought that would give it away as an April Fools for our knowledgeable readers.

Last year, the biggest tell tales that Ford had been an April Fools were that there was no outside source confirming the redesign, no press release, that there was no design firm attached and that no one knew who our prankster, Marko Savic, was. This year we went to the extent of covering all those loose ends. And you have all made it extremely difficult for next year.

Pictured above: Our FTP.



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