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In Brief: Why do you Sketch Logos?

Reviewed Jun. 11, 2009 by Armin

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Sketching Logos

Most designers will tell you that all logo designs must start as sketches, and this gospel has been passed from generation to generation. But, think about it, why do you sketch logos? How does it help you? What do you gain from it?

The reason we ask this question is to help us develop some bits of content for a very modest Brand New-branded product we will be putting for sale as soon as it’s, well, produced. Read on for further info.

— We will credit with name and URL or Twitter account those that we select (somewhere between 16 and 24).
— By posting on Brand New or on Twitter you grant us permission to use your comment only for this one time use; if we plan on using it on anything else we will contact you again.
— You will not receive money from us or from the proceeds of the sales, but we will send you one free sample of this mystery product.
— All proceeds help keep Brand New running. (And before you say “isn’t that what the ads are there for?” yes, that’s what they are there for but, trust us, things aren’t as chipper in the ad sales world as we would like).
— The product will be sold for a mere $5.00 (plus shipping), so it’s really more of a gesture than a get-rich-quick scheme
— In your answers be funny, be clever, be serious… any which way.

At Brand New we believe in the power of sketching logos and we hope to keep the tradition alive!

You can add your responses here and/or you can Twitter them with #whyisketchlogos



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