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IT, Now more than Evr

Reviewed Apr. 3, 2012 by Armin

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EVRY Logo, Before and After

With roots as far back as 1962, EDB and ErgoGroup combined in 2010 to form “the largest merger ever seen in the Nordic IT industry, and the fourth largest corporate merger in Norway regardless of industry.” In March the company announced a name change to EVRY, a leading IT company in the Nordic countries with 10,000 employees and 14,000 public sector and private sector customers. The new identity has been designed by Oslo, Norway-based Scandinavian Design Group.


The development of the new brand is also confirmation that EVRY is now a single company, where everyone has the same targets and ambitions regardless of which company they worked for in the past. We were keen to develop a name that has only a few characters, that will work in different combinations and that can stand on its own and convey our message without the need for any additional logos — and of course we wanted a name that will represent the company in the best possible way.

The name also represents what we stand for, and we are committed to ensuring that the company creates value for our customers and society as a whole through:

- Each and every employee, every single day
- Every customer for which EVRY creates value
- Every critical system for which EVRY plays a role
- Every colleague who takes responsibility and inspires others
- Every person who is affected by EVRY through the benefits for society in which we play a role
- Every opportunity that EVRY recognises and takes up
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A long-ish ad. Worth a watch.

The previous logo looked exactly like a large corporate merger logo should; this one with a little Nordic starkness to keep it from being just an ugly mash-up of two existing logos. The problem with merger logos and merger names are twofold: One, they remind employees that there are two sides, even if they are playing for the same team and, two, they are harder to turn into consumer-friendly brands that are easier to recognize and remember (FedEx Kinko’s anyone?). Anyway, on to the new logo.

Like the name, the EVRY logo is catchy, playful, and friendly — perhaps too much of those qualities for an IT company but if you look at it against companies like Cisco or Oracle, it fits in with the trend of making those companies appear more familiar and accessible. The logo feels a little too informal and looks more like it was rendered with a Sharpie than ink, turning it from something calligraphic into a “Don’t Eat my Sandwich” Post-It in the break room’s fridge. The logo works well in big sizes and even as the tired image-holder device as seen in the report covers above. Overall, it’s an interesting new brand, sure to stand out.

Thanks to Jørgen Eidem for the tip.



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