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Less Pipe, More Shading for CNET

Reviewed Jul. 10, 2008 by Armin

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CNET Logo, Before and After

One of the bastions of Web 1.0, 13-year-old CNET is getting a significant makeover. While the workings under the hood of the new web site like a “new API that is helping to deliver pages 40 to 50 percent faster” means nothing to me, we can certainly focus on the front-end changes, specifically the logo. Originally named and written c/net (for Computer Network) it is now an all caps CNET, making the logo in all lowercase a little contradicting, but who can argue against the friendliness of lowercase? The new logo is being referred to as the “pipeless” logo, so I’m guessing that the vertical line in the old one was meant to signify a, um, pipe — but like no one should call New York “The Big Apple” I’m going out on a limb and say that no one refers to the internet delivery system as a “Pipe”. But I digress. [Update: See Patrick Foster’s comment]. The typography in the old logo was peculiar and quirky, with the weird “n” and tight letterspacing making it somewhat engaging and memorable, while the new one is painfully generic and forgettable. And while everybody knows that this is pronounced see-net, the lack of a visual divider certainly renders the new logo as knet. Oh, yes, it now has a shadow to make it look like a sphere. Yay.

Thanks to Moeed Mohammad, Fred Sotherland and Greg for the tip.



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