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Manpower Procreates Manpower-ey Logos

Reviewed May. 5, 2011 by Armin

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ManpowerGroup Logo, New

Established in 1948, Manpower is one of the largest and most complex staffing agencies in the world, employing 30,000 employees through 3,900 offices in 82 countries that have approximately 500,000 “associates” placed on any given day. At the end of March the company announced a reorganization of its business and introduced ManpowerGroup as the parent company, replacing the lackluster Manpower Inc. With this move ManpowerGroup is also introducing a new mantra, that it is “differentiating and evolving its brand to reflect the new complexity and challenges brought by the Human Age.” You can watch a video that is as exciting as lapel pins on CEO’s suits of what the “Human Age” means here. As part of this evolution, ManpowerGroup has also created logos and names for its four business solutions: ManpowerGroup Solutions, Experis, Manpower, and Right Management. The project was carried out by Richmond, VA-based The Martin Agency.

The overall package, said Jeffrey A. Joerres, Manpower’s chairman, CEO and president, is not simply “a graphic artist’s exercise.” Rather, he said, it’s part of Manpower’s effort to position itself for a do-more-with-less era increasingly driven by human talent.


Spurred by Martin President Mike Hughes, Manpower at least considered a more radical rebranding but opted to retain a name that dates to the company’s founding in Milwaukee in 1948.

Joerres, whose background includes marketing positions, got involved in the effort much more so than the typical CEO and helped “make the work in the end so much smarter and better,” Hughes said.
Article on JSOnline

ManpowerGroup Logo, New

Main ManpowerGroup logo and its four divisions.

If this whole thing looks familiar that’s because the Manpower logo has been around since 2006 when Wolff Olins redesigned their identity — a very nice abstraction of “m” and “P” executed in the ever popular sausage-link style, which has now been extended to a whole family of logos. Where the original arranged the links in an interesting way to form an icon with actual meaning, the new parent logo is just a bland throwback to 1980s abstract corporate iconography. If it weren’t for the equity of the original Manpower logo, the new ManpowerGroup logo would be the absolute most generic thing a company could have. The new logos for Right Management and Experis are valiant efforts in extending the sausage-link language and they succeed a little bit better than the parent logo. For a major corporation this is a decent evolution and maybe as more applications, like the one below turn up, things will get a bit more exciting.

ManpowerGroup Logo, New

New brand language (from the company’s French Facebook page). You can see some more of it on a video embedded in ManpowerGroup’s U.S. home page.

Thanks to Aaron Levin for the tip.



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