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Mega Amount of Triangles

Reviewed Dec. 17, 2010 by Armin

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Mega Logo, Before and After

Originally launched as Red Televisiva Megavisión in 1990, Mega is a popular TV channel in Chile, specifically in the capital city of Santiago where it airs, with a mix of news, reality, and sitcoms like a remake of Married%hellip; with Children (the Bundys are replaced by the Larraíns). In October, Mega introduced a new logo, reportedly designed by local agency Hambre, who were also in charge of the recent Chilean government identity. (They don’t have a website I know of, so it’s hard to corroborate 100%).

Mega Logo, Before and After

A few random on-air bumpers.

The old logo looked like it belonged in a 1980s 32-inch television that needed a garage to accommodate its rear. Something too techie/primitive about it that just doesn’t look too appealing. The new one is fairly trendy — much like the old one was when it was first used probably — with a bold, rounded sans serif with stuff in it. The “stuff” is standard issue colorful triangles without much rhyme or reason and perhaps there doesn’t need to be rhyme or reason, just something that looks good on TV. As the bumpers above show, it does look good on TV. The logo isn’t too spectacular but it doesn’t deserve the major hatred it’s been getting from its Chilean audience — browswing through Facebook and YouTube, the comments towards it are quite unflattering. Sure, it could be better, but it could also be worse. Like the old logo.

Thanks to Pablo for the tip.



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