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New Kid Channel Looks Like Not Much Fun

Reviewed Feb. 22, 2010 by Armin

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In the upcoming 2010 TV fall season, a new channel aimed at the 6 – 12-year-old demographic will be launched by the partnership of Discovery Communications and Hasbro. The former brings the TV experience through 100-plus worldwide networks like Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, and Science Channel; while the latter, well, they bring the fun and the merchandise with kid franchises like Transformes, My Little Pony and Tonka. The new channel, named The Hub, will be competing against established channels like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, but the combination of Discovery and Hasbro seems like a powerful one.

The Hub will offer young viewers and their families novel and compelling content, ranging from new comedies and animated adventures to live-action franchises and game shows — all celebrating the core childhood concepts of fun and play. The network’s tone will be thrilling, modern and dynamic, both on-air and online. These qualities are represented by The Hub’s spiral logo, which symbolizes a catalyst of action and imagination. In addition, the network will benefit from the strong DNA of its two parent companies, Discovery and Hasbro, which share a 50/50 partnership in the venture.
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The most important thing to consider before critiquing the logo is considering the audience: This is a brand new channel, devoid of any nostalgic values, for a fresh generation of viewers and consumers. The Hub logo looks like it will live in perfect harmony with other entertainment logos like Xbox and Wii, and is even more so in tune with toy packaging graphics, with unapologetic bevels and shines. Heck, it could even be the logo for a low-priced, child entry-level cell phone provider. So in that regard, of integrating with the new kid lifestyle, it succeeds perfectly. But those same qualities make it extremely generic and almost lifeless, although it has the potential to animate really well. The typography on the logo is simple and has that modern vibe that is so popular now and I am really hoping the type used on the placeholder web site, is just that, placeholder, because it’s fairly clumsy. If the colors look familiar, it’s because they are, almost PMS for PMS match of the new Syfy brand. Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not.

More than the similarities to other logos, the disappointing part about this logo is that it doesn’t offer anything new to the world of kid programming, it simply follows what has come before it.

Thanks to Tony Infante for the tip.



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