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New Lg for the Science Channel

Reviewed Dec. 29, 2007 by Armin

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Science Channel Logo, Before and After

While you were playing with your new gadgets that Santa Claus (or your credit card) brought you this past December 25th, the Science Channel, one of the channels from Discovery Communications LLC, unveiled a new identity that positions it on par with popular sister channel TLC, that has a unique identity, by stripping the parent company’s endorsing globe and letting the eight-year-old channel stand on its own. The old logo was, without a doubt, unflattered by its orbiting swoosh eclipsing the otherwise respectable blocky typography that would make for a nice sci-fi novel cover — it said science without hitting you over the head with it. The new logo (designed in-house), on the other hand, is a little less subtle with the clear-as-helium reference to the periodic table. Truth be told, it makes for a great logo, specially on TV, as it will look great and recognizable when rendered small on screen, but I wonder if it’s slightly clichéd? My first reaction is yes but, after all, it is a channel about science and they can easily own the notion of periodic table element as logo better than others could. The logo is set in Avant Garde with some surgery done to the n’s, giving it an unnecessary (in my opinion) added layer of trendiness… and, until now, I hadn’t realized how condensed and out of place Avant Garde’s s is, specially in contrast to other round characters like the c, but I digress. The new identity feels fresh and lively — unfortunately, since I am vacationing in Mexico at the moment, I can’t check the TV applications, so if anyone would like to vouch for this, I would be very thankful — and an important step for the channel to be perceived independently of its parent company, and its push to create new and original programming.



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