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New Logo and Identity for Ally Coffee



Noted May. 21, 2018 by Armin

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“At Ally Coffee we open up opportunities that move coffee forward. This is our purpose. We are a team of farmers, traders, writers, baristas, and educators. Our varied backgrounds and expertise in coffee empower us to build an open community around inspiration, knowledge, and guidance. We believe this is the only way to improve both the product and the experience at every step. Our ambition is to continue to build Ally on foundations of shared value and mutual reward to make coffee a global model for business.”

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New Logo and Identity for Ally Coffee
New Logo and Identity for Ally Coffee
New Logo and Identity for Ally Coffee
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New Logo and Identity for Ally Coffee

The old logo featured what I assume is a coffee bean surrounded by arrows indicating “trading”. It wasn’t attractive and neither was the wordmark (especially not that tracked out “C O F F E E”) but it wasn’t terribly bad either. The new logo is both and interesting and confusing mix of things… The new icon I think is meant to be a whole coffee bean and two half beans? Because if they are not, I don’t know why the icon would spell “ODD”. It’s abstract and kind of groovy as a graphic (especially if you like moon charts) but it’s hard to figure out what it is. The wordmark, in unicase is interesting but not quite fully well executed. The “a” (coming straight from Lineto Brown, I think) is the only letter without a notch so it stands out weirdly, but I kind of like the condensed “L”s and how the “Y” fits in nicely with them. The “COFFee” part, though, that really bothers me in unicase and with the gratuitous notches. The applications are fine, although the circle and half-circle compositions (plus the light blue color) make me think more of a tech company than a coffee trading company. Overall, a modest graphic improvement but with some moments lacking clarity or purpose.

Thanks to Aaron Dickey for the tip.

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