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New Logo and Identity for and by Brand Union



Noted Mar. 7, 2014 by Armin

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Brand Union is “a global brand agency with deep expertise in brand strategy, design, interaction, brand management and employee engagement. 500 people. 24 offices. Every major market. We have been part of WPP Group since 1986.”

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The framework itself is simple. A single, timeless typeface in two weights. A bold, minimal color palette. A photographic treatment that's both global and contemporary. The major point of evolution is the complete focus on our work, and on our belief. As Wally says, "great agencies don't need to shout about themselves. The experiences our clients get from working with us, and the ways in which we impact their brands, that's what's important. That's all that's important".

Brand Union blog post

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New Logo and Identity for and by Brand Union
Logo detail.
New Logo and Identity for and by Brand Union

This redesign came out last year and I had been meaning to post and today I finally remembered. As an evolution from the previous logo, which was interesting in its own right, this is a mature version of the initial idea and a rather nice abstract logo. The "B" and the "U" are there without being spelled out. As usual with a large branding agency talking about their own identity, there is more hot air than needed in its explanation. I would have accepted "It's cool, isn't it?" as an acceptable rationalization.

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