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New Logo and Identity for BHA by Firedog



Noted Aug. 27, 2014 by Armin

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(Est. 2007) “As both the governing and regulatory body it is the British Horseracing Authority’s responsibility to: provide the most compelling and attractive racing in the World; be seen as the world leader in raceday regulation; ensure the highest standards for the sport and participants, on and away from the racecourse; promote the best for the racehorse; and represent and promote the sport and the industry.”

Design by

Firedog (London)

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Relevant quote
As everybody in the industry refers to the Authority as the BHA, we decided that using this acronym would create a visually stronger identity. Complementing this, we enhanced the equine symbol by giving it a more structured, rounded format. The new brand mark is easily separable from the word mark, which adds flexibility. BHA's existing colour palette failed to add value to the brand. Opting for a red, white and blue colour scheme reinforced the BHA's British values.

Firedog project page

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New Logo and Identity for BHA by Firedog
Full logo.
New Logo and Identity for BHA by Firedog
Photo from the guidelines.
New Logo and Identity for BHA by Firedog
Publication cover examples.

The old logo was sort of a good idea, a horse that blurs into a track, but the execution came out kind of weird, from the bridle to the color to the typeface. The new logo revolves around a really great icon of an angular horse that conveys motion and strength — I particularly like how they were able to use a tiny piece of track to show that it's not just a logo about horses but one about horse racing. Unfortunately, the niceness of the icon does not extend to the BHA wordmark, which is weirdly bland and the rounded-bottom-flat-top construction of the "B" is driving me mad. Seems like there is a dozen other typefaces that would have easily paired better than this. Still, great icon.

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