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New Logo and Identity for BUAP



Noted Sep. 2, 2014 by Armin

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“The Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) (Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla) is the oldest and largest university in Puebla, Mexico. Founded on 15 April 1587 as Colegio del Espíritu Santo, the school was sponsored by Society of Jesus during most of the Spanish colonial era before turning into a public college in 1825 and eventually into a public university in 1937. The religious origins can be seen in many of BUAP’s buildings in Puebla city centre, which were once colonial-era churches. The flagship campus is located in the city of Puebla, although more than nine facilities are distributed across the state.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

Gabriela Rodriguez
Assistance: Cato Brand Partners (Australia)

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Brand Guidelines (PDF)
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Relevant quote
During the development process it was found that the identity value BUAP more significant is its shield, and in this, the presence of Minerva or Athena, goddess of knowledge and war. It remains a symbol of great strength, the shield BUAP potentiated by the interaction you have with the phoenix and the history of the University, it was decided that the behavioral axis of this new image was the Minerva or Athena.

Brand Guidelines (PDF, Google-translated)

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for BUAP
Another old version of the logo.
New Logo and Identity for BUAP
Shield detail.
New Logo and Identity for BUAP
Shield with word mark.
New Logo and Identity for BUAP
Big and small versions of the logo (notice less detail on the right-side version).
New Logo and Identity for BUAP
Bus prototype.
New Logo and Identity for BUAP
Banner prototype.
New Logo and Identity for BUAP
Sweatshirt prototype.

The previous shield was really hard to read (graphically-speaking) and in a difficult vertical configuration to use comfortably in applications. The new shield is a lovely and very well executed evolution with a lot of great details. The blue on blue application is really nice. Too bad about the lifeless BUAP wordmark, it's like dry oatmeal. The prototype applications — more of them in the linked PDF — are fairly standard and competently done; there is the introduction of a slash of color here and there that helps break the blue tone.

Your opinion…

On Shield


On Wordmark


On Application

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