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New Logo and Identity for Doha Debates by e-Types



Noted Feb. 20, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 2012) “Doha Debates is a series of debates about urgent global topics such as the refugee crisis, water shortage, loss of faith in institutions, gender inequality, capitalism, global citizenship and artificial intelligence. The franchise is funded by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. Doha Debates first ran from 2005 to 2012, and in 2018 it was relaunched under a new format using live debates, videos, blogs and podcasts. Journalist Ghida Fakhry is the moderator for the debates, and Nelufar Hedayat is the correspondent. The current managing director is Amjad Atallah, the former editor in chief of Al Jazeera America. Special events featuring Q&A sessions with a single guest included figures such as Bill Clinton, Mohamed El Baradei, Shimon Peres, Amre Moussa, Ayad Allawi, and Mahmoud Zahar.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

e-Types (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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In a world where opinions come in plenty and questions never seize, the creative concept behind the new Doha Debates votes from the strong belief that we are able to create the best solutions when we broaden our perception, are open-minded and curious. Inspired by the diversity of people, cultures and opinions that come together to form debate, the design twists, turns, expands and wraps around itself; each letter taking on a life of its own, representing a new voice to be heard, and the New Perspectives that make Doha Debates.

e-Types project page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Doha Debates by e-Types
Logo animation.
New Logo and Identity for Doha Debates by e-Types
Posters, plural.
New Logo and Identity for Doha Debates by e-Types
Poster, singular.
New Logo and Identity for Doha Debates by e-Types
About Doha Debates.

The old logo was… textured. To its credit, though, it had decent typography all around. The new logo is… circular. Lite sarcasm aside, I do like the new logo as it’s an interesting metaphor for debate: seeing both sides of an argument and one argument informing the other. I like that it’s unconventional for what I am guessing is a somewhat conservative organization (the Qatar Foundation). For Brand New readers, comparisons to House of Hoops are inevitable but these are two different (and each appropriate) concepts executed in different enough ways. The posters get a little weird in perhaps an interesting way but also perhaps in a confusing way. Overall, though, it’s nice to see this be relatively daring and support the mission of the initiative in stirring conventions.

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