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New Logo and Identity for Fuel Transport by Sid Lee



Noted Jul. 31, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2013) “Fuel is a transportation logistics company offering hybrid transportation solutions for a wide variety of industries across North America. Serving industries including aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, retail and pharmaceuticals, we offer both non asset and asset based services. Fuel has a network of carriers and a sales force working remotely across North America as well as offices in Montreal, Toronto, Nevada, New Brunswick and Mexico. Our team, made up of bright, talented all-stars from multiple disciplines, are driven by accountability, technology and an unrelenting desire to get the job done. Our “never say no” philosophy means we’re always seeking category-defining and innovative transportation solutions, designed for the realities of our clients’ business priorities of today, and in anticipation of their needs for tomorrow.”

Design by

Sid Lee

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The change in identity has transformed FUEL into a brand-led culture that embraces the distinct vision and leverages the unique approach to the industry. “Inspired by the shipping container as the core building block of transportation, the identity features a simple and adaptable graphic container. It grows and shrinks to hold what’s contained within it and was used to create a dynamic visual device that can scale with the wide variety of objects Fuel transports daily,” said Jeffrey Dasilva, Executive Creative Director of Sid Lee, the creative agency mandated by FUEL to support them.

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New Logo and Identity for Fuel Transport by Sid Lee
New Logo and Identity for Fuel Transport by Sid Lee
New Logo and Identity for Fuel Transport by Sid Lee
New Logo and Identity for Fuel Transport by Sid Lee
Packing tape.
New Logo and Identity for Fuel Transport by Sid Lee

The old logo was not good at all, cramming four poor letters into a triangle and oddly mutilating the “l”. It may be hard to judge it without seeing it in action but I doubt it got any better. The new logo is quite enjoyable, with the wordmark fitting neatly into a graphic representation of a container. Its main problem is that it feels more like a gym logo or some kind of clothing brand instead of a company shipping stuff in trucks. Conversely, it breaks from expectations, so it has that going in its favor. It continues the playful approach in application by using the same container shape to visually hold all kinds of things, adapting its width to keep the same snug feel as in the logo. The pattern in the tape is a little odd in that it starts to look almost like an ancient Greek or Mayan strip pattern and takes the identity into another visual direction. The 18-wheeler livery, though, is a total winner; I would definitely remember it if I drove past it (or it drove past me).

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