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New Logo and Identity for Getinge by Paradigm



Noted Apr. 5, 2017 by Armin

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“Founded in 1904 with roots going back to 1838, Getinge has grown both organically and through acquisitions to become a global market leader in many segments. Our portfolio combines well-known product families such as Maquet, Pulsion, Atrium, Lancer and Datascope - just to name a few. Today you can find us in over 40 countries. As a partner for integrated medtech solution Getinge provides innovations for operating rooms, intensive-care units, sterilization departments and for life science companies and institutions. Based on first-hand experience and close partnerships, we help to improve every-day life for people, today and tomorrow.”

Design by

Paradigm (Gothenburg, Sweden)

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Relevant quote
To reflect the innovative power behind the brand, the word mark was developed using geometric shapes. The symbol is inspired by the star of life; a globally recognized reference to medical personnel and emergency rescue. Its multiple parts represent the company’s numerous areas of competence coming together.

Paradigm project page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Getinge by Paradigm
Animated underlying grid.
New Logo and Identity for Getinge by Paradigm
Identity elements.
New Logo and Identity for Getinge by Paradigm
New Logo and Identity for Getinge by Paradigm
New Logo and Identity for Getinge by Paradigm
New Logo and Identity for Getinge by Paradigm
Outdoor ads.
Slightly long introduction. Logo animation at the end.

The old logo was a mostly forgettable one but at least it was trying to be interesting. The new logo goes where other wordmarks have gone before — custom, extended, geometric, squared-off structures — and does as nice a job as possible. It’s not amazing, it’s not terrible, it’s nice and commendable. I do question the “n” not being an “N”. The icon also does what other icons have done before, employing a curving, twisting ribbon approach that typically looks good as it does here. The combination of the squared-off wordmark and the round-ier icon makes for a somewhat interesting combination. In application, the best part might be the desaturated photographs with a lot of tan tones that complement the deep blue really well. Overall, about what you would expect from a serious European corporation, which is not a bad thing but maybe also not the most exciting thing.

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Logo Before & After
Sample Application

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