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New Logo and Identity for GFH by Unisono



Noted May. 8, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 1999) “GFH (Gulf Finance House) is one of the most recognized financial groups in the gulf region that includes: Asset Management, Wealth Management, Commercial Banking and Real Estate Development. The group operations are focused in the GCC, North Africa and India. GFH is listed in Bahrain Bourse, Kuwait Stock Exchange and Dubai Financial Market.”

Design by

Unisono (Bahrain and Dubai)

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A full name change strategy was promoted from within and with out but the decision to migrate from Gulf Finance House to the simpler initialism of ‘GFH’ was preferred due to the positive equity which still surrounded the name in markets outside of Bahrain (the company’s HQ and homeland). With a new brand vision and value system in place, we went on to create a visual identity system which would support the change to a clearer, more direct financial services group.

Unisono project page

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New Logo and Identity for GFH by Unisono
Logo detail.
New Logo and Identity for GFH by Unisono
New identity video.

I enjoy a good, old-fashioned corporate identity job as much as those sexy Friday Likes and this is a good example. Although I'm not the biggest fan of the "gf" ligature I like the overall finance-y feel of this logo. Going with a lowercase wordmark paid off with a nice rhythm to it and the two diamonds, although they don't mean anything in particular to customers, make for a serious-looking corporate icon a la HSBC. The notch in the diamond juncture gives the whole thing some dimension and maybe it would have been nice to see it applied to the crossbar between the "g" and "f" ligature to break it up and add some balance. Overall, the logo looks confident and ready to do business.

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