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New Logo and Identity for Harcourts




(Est. 1888) “Harcourts International Ltd is the largest real estate group in New Zealand and the fastest growing real estate group in Australasia, exceeding a record $25.3 billion in sold property last year. Now boasting over 780 offices in 10 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, China, Hong Kong, Canada, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and USA. Harcourts International has its own charitable foundation - The Harcourts Foundation — our Purpose: “To provide support that helps, grows, and enriches our communities.”

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Logo evolution and brand messaging.
New Logo and Identity for Harcourts
Logo detail.
New Logo and Identity for Harcourts
New Logo and Identity for Harcourts
New Logo and Identity for Harcourts
New Logo and Identity for Harcourts
Launch day.
New Logo and Identity for Harcourts

The old logo was okay, nothing horrible but perhaps better suited for some kind of economy journal, not quite the friendly company that will help you find a home. The new logo is softer, friendlier, and infinitely better, except for some of the kerning throughout which jumps from wide to tight more than it should. To its credit, when seen small it looks right, it's when it's large that the spacing issues stand out. Still, the overall feel of the typography is nice and the bright blue underline on the "H" is a smart evolution from the old logo and serves as a vibrant accent. The applications are... effusive, especially the "Team Malloy" SUV in the livery image below. The stripe motif plays well in the different uses and the whole dark blue palette comes off friendly despite being traditionally corporate. Overall, you can list this as sold. Or some other real estate metaphor for a job done properly.

Thanks to Kim Schmidt for the tip.

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