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New Logo and Identity for MEC Wavemaker by Lambie-Nairn


Noted Feb. 2, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2016) “MEC Wavemaker consolidates MEC’s - one of the world’s largest media agency networks — content strategy, social, partnerships and experiential, organic search and creative services expertise into one unit. By simplifying what can be a complicated process for clients this new offer is designed to create content that delivers business results. MEC Wavemaker launches immediately in 10 countries: UK, USA, The Netherlands, Mexico, Australia, India, Poland, Middle East, Singapore and Germany. Other markets will follow throughout the year and the division will have 750 people globally.” (Ed.’s Note: I have no idea what they do.)

Design by

Lambie-Nairn (London, UK)

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Relevant quote
We created a logo and a distinctive identity based on a bold and flexible black and white pattern. This graphic element reflects the name alluding to the natural force and disruptive power of waves. We retained a visual connection to MEC through typography, a secondary colour palette and logo lockups.

Lambie-Nairn project page

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New Logo and Identity for MEC Wavemaker by Lambie-Nairn
New Logo and Identity for MEC Wavemaker by Lambie-Nairn
New Logo and Identity for MEC Wavemaker by Lambie-Nairn
Backgorund waves.

My first reaction to the wavy "AV" in the name is slightly negative… there is something awkward about how they chose to convey waviness but in looking at the overall effect with the rest of the characters it plays out well and achieves to look in synch as a whole. The wavy patterns in the applications are my favorite part… I feel like I've seen this before a dozen times but I'm still digging this particular approach with the heavy typography at the top. Overall, it manages to feel cool but also like important, insightful, edgy stuff that advertising conglomerates can charge tons of money for.

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